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Go Mankees!

Today we were given a wonderful donation of 500+ LPs and among the treasures was this Cold War relic, a one-sided transcription disc from Radio Liberation. No doubt the typist got a little excited while listening to the game, and inspired thousands of bewildered Soviet protesters to chant, “Mankees Go Home.” We can’t wait to clean this up and give it a spin. But for now, ponder this, Fidel Castro once tried out to be a pitcher for the Yanks. Imagine a world where a Yankee sported a beard, or El Hefe walking to the mound with the word “Yankee” across his back…

Radio Liberation was a US (CIA) funded West German enterprise (March 1, 1953 – became Radio Liberty in 1959) founded by The American Committee for Freedom for the Peoples of the USSR. The CIA characterized the broadcasting mandate as “an emigre station working in the interests of the Soviet peoples and speaking in a voice and from a point of view recognizable, understandable, and acceptable to the peoples with the USSR.” That never really happened, but loyal Russian speaking Yankee fans did get to hear an occasional game.

So in honor of Derek Jeter being tossed a softball in last nights All Star Game, baseball’s nearly improbable role in keeping the Soviet’s out of Cuba, and all the wonderful folks who donate their treasures to the ARC, let’s enjoy the summer, tip our cap and hoist a cool one.

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