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Good Day Dumping

A remarkable Saturday at the Recycling Center (OK, dump).  This morning, before the blizzard, picked up an amazing array of music related items.  As you know ARC can only buy odds-and-ends, as we’re chock full of just about ordinary everything.  But when they’re free, we take a chance. 

Here’s today’s haul on our “Loot Table.”  Bose QuietComfort® 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling® headphones ( in the case, big seller from 2009-2014, still nice), some CDs (the prize being the Beny More), an ordinary Brenda Lee LP (only took because it’s a Sears giveaway), a groupie book we have (but with a different cover), a dictionary of Percussion terms (fingerzimbein = finger cymbals), The Fillmore East hardcover book (band profiles and pics), a Beatles and a Broadway songbook, a staff paper notebook, and my favorite, The Motown “Final Alto 4/8” songbook… 

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