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“Gotta Get Away” and “Dancing in the Light”

Well, like my bud the Pres., Havana is where I’m at.  Sadly I’ll miss the ball game as I gear up for the Rolling Stones’ concert.

As Cuban aficionado Ned Sublett points out, an added on-stage treat will be Entrevoces performing “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” with the band.  Hey, that’s a song written about 30 years before this award-winning choir was even formed!  I’m hoping for a Spanish version live.  After all, if you watched the recent Stones’ videos out of Bogota, Mr. Jagger spoke Spanish well enough to load it with local slang.

Slangwitch aside, I hope that I can find some bandwidth to send out some reports. Until then I want to offer two points of reference on the Cuban music compass – one pretty new, the other lost in time.  Both of these videos should make you happy, wanna dance, wanna visit.

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