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Guess what I have in my hand

I’m becoming a bit of a specialist, I’m afraid. Whenever a comedy record comes over the transom, usually found tucked discreetly in a dark corner of a large donation of music, it lands on my desk. Don’t know what gave it away, but when this one surfaced there was a distinct suspicion that it might be in the funny-ha-ha category and hence my domain.
Well, whaddaya know, Ivor Biggun is in fact a comedy act! He is the alter ego of one Robert “Doc” Cox, though why he felt he needed a name change to make masturbation jokes is way beyond me. As if dick jokes aren’t enough to endear the ARChive gang, he’s also an artiste of the George Formby variety, a master of the ukulele. Here’s Mr. Biggun in action:


Ahh, ain’t life grand?

– Jonny


  1. Diana

    1. Okay you know that post was tagged with “Paris Hilton,” right? Did Dan tell you to do that to get more hits on the blog?
    2. Better or worse than Christian comedy?

  2. arcmusic


    First off, I said NOTHING to Jon about how to tag his posts.

    Second off, I would encourage you to watch the video…you will, I think, find that Ivor Bigguns is MUCH funnier than Christian comedy. Which is scarcely comedy at all. You see, Christian comedy fulfills the principle of oneness. Just as a one that isn’t cold is scarcely a one at all, comedy that makes scripture the basis for humor is scarcely funny at all. It’s science, you see.

  3. jonnymia

    1. I gave this post a Paris Hilton tag because I was hoping she could “guess what I have in my hand” – I thought she would like it… A UKULELE! Watch the video! It’s a ukulele, fer chrissakes!

    2. Better, worse, these are moral judgments and I won’t be opening that particular can of metaphysical worms. Anyway it’s comparing apples and oranges – or more accurately the Body of Christ™ with a huge pink banana.

    I will say Ivor Biggun is WAY more INTENTIONALLY funny than Christian comedy.