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Happy 2022 = Solyent Green + Food for Thought

Soylent Green, the film, is set in 2022.  The Harry Harrison novel its based on, Make Room! Make Room, takes place in 1999.  Ah, if only Prince were around and singing us forward.  But its 2022 and we’re going all the wrong kind of Green.  Soylent is a Dystopian Novel. It makes the case for you are what you eat.   I’m lost in both the film and the book as we begin the new year.  Oddly enough, cooking is a major obsession in these endemic days. It all comes together seeing Debbie Harry’s head on a candy platter…

Dystopian times and buffalo parogis aside, my main home alone chore has been cataloging our tacky, wonderful, rock and pop paperbacks. Today I posted 36 new books in the Gallery.  This grouping shies away from music bios. auto-bios, critical analysis (the horror) and histories, concentrating on the eccentric film-to-text efforts, photo-novelas, titles that look a lot like band names and any number of in-jokes and curiosities.

The continuing influx of great material like this continues here at ARC.  Between meals I’m cataloging a recent donation of 73 big boxes of music books by Robert Donnelly.  Like us, Mr. Donnally knows that one gender-neutral person’s trash is another gender-neutral person treasure.  This pile of slightly music treasure are from his trove.  Where else are you gonna see two different covers of a one-should-have-never-published tomes (tombs) like, “The Man Who Killed Mick Jagger.” 

See  all our 225 musical pulp paperbacks @  https://arcmusic.org/galleries/pop-music-pulp/   

Happy 2022, by the way. 




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