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As you may know we cultivate obscurata along with the everyday.  You know, like the hundreds of classic James Brown recordings along with the variations that make our daily cataloging grind run smoother.  So today we added 14 just catalogued 45s featuring variations on JB’s mug, in our gallery of recordings that have small heads on them. https://arcmusic.org/galleries/heads/

Other recent finds are a tad more serious.

Here’s a rare and wonderful modern classical recording by Charlemagne Palestine.  Four Manifestations on Six Elements (Magne; USA, no number, 12″, vinyl disc-2Lp, 1974). Our copy is #305 of 2000, a gift from John Rockwell who recently donated his collection to ARC.

CP was a part of the emerging modern downtown composer/performers creating minimalist works in the 70s.  The double LPs offers solo pieces featuring flat organ/electronic drones and quick fingered repetitive piano figures. A minimalist classic.

A slew of details about the artist are here, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charlemagne_Palestine   On a personal note I have three memories. Once, with other students in the Whitney Independent Studies Program, I helped him and Phil Glass carry a sofa down a fire escape from Phil’s Chatham Square apartment; at the end of a performance of piano works in his loft he tied a speaker to a long line and began whirling it over his head, slowly letting the line out and over the audience. Drone whirling sound as his arm grew tired and the speaker inched lower and lower, he scared the bejesus out of everyone; and a nice conversation in a bar in Paris.




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