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If you are old enough to remember when MAD Magazine was subversive – I kid you not: it really was an under-the-parents’-radar how-to journal of anarchy for preteens – then you know the central importance of Jack Davis. One of the original “usual bunch of idiots”, his knobby, loose-limbed art was a perfect visual conception of MAD’s awkward alloy of cool irony dressed in gothic horror comics expressionism. When Madison Ave. co-opted the MAD-style hip “in joke” as their prevailing modus operandi in the Sixties, Davis was everywhere; magazines, print and TV ads, movie posters and, naturally, album covers. And here at the ARChive we got so furshluginer many album covers you could plotz. Cataloging the comedy collection last year I had the privilege of discovering many fine examples of the Jack Davis oeuvre. Here’s a couple now, by George! And here is a short list of comedy rekkids glorified by the brush of the master. Collect ’em all!

Homer and Jethro Any News From Nashville? – 
Homer and Jethro Life Can Be Miserable – 
Homer and Jethro Songs My Mother Never Sang
 – Homer and Jethro At The Convention – 
Don Imus One Sacred Chicken To Go
 – Don Imus Twelve Hundred Hamburgers To Go – 
Vaughn Meader Have Some Nuts!!! – 
The Bunch The Rise And Fall Of The Great Society
 – Dick Clark Presents Radio’s Uncensored Bloopers

Spike Jones

Weird Al

by Jon Hammer

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