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In the Pink!

As most of you know ARC has relocated to upstate New York, on the Hudson.  Well, until the new building is in place, the collection remains largely in storage.  So that puts major research, events, parties and our in-house Record Sales on hold for a while.

But as you can guess from the album above, we’re feelin’ good and in the pink!

Recently we’ve cataloged the remarkable Mark Jacobson Collection of 12,000+ mint or sealed LPs and singles.  This Etta James LP is from that donation.  And we’ve cataloged more than 5,000 of our 7” punk singles.  Now we’re attacking the rest of the 500,000 or so 7 inchers – cataloging as fast as we can.  And the collection continues to grow as more than 150,000 items have been donated in the past months.

Fred Patterson continues to be in charge of everything, but we’ve added a new cataloger, Tim Broun.  (Tim bought my first book when he was 15!)  Older and wiser now Tim is setting up the ARC online store and working on our first multi-vendored Record Fair scheduled for next Fall.  We’ve also got our first new post(?)Covid volunteer – Ms. Miranda Reale who’s been sorting the punk 45s.

The Etta album is also to remind you of our newest large-scale initiative, From Her to Eternity, honoring women in every aspect of the music industry.  FH2E is headed up by Courtney Love and Julie Panebianco.  Julie is our new Project Director who has brought From Her to Eternity to life.  She’ll be at the next SXSW with a panel on the project with some very special guests.  Stay tuned.  A record and gallery show are in the works.

Lastly we are announcing three new Board of Advisor members joining our pantheon of notables – Courtney Love, Merck Mercuriadis and Q-Tip!  Look for new projects with these great folks in the future.

A lot happening. 

ARC is now out of the red, into the pink and with your help, going green.

Corny language aside, do consider supporting ARC and all we are doing with a donation.  Our main mission remains preservation.  When we get our new building up and running we will focus on access. 

All in good time, made possible by good friends!

To donate you can send a check, contribute through every.org @  https://www.every.org/arcmusic 

or via PAYPAL

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