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In Today’s ARChivewear Fashion

When I arrived, I learned that it wasn’t simply Hawaiian Shirt Day, but that it was Tiki Hawaiian Shirt Day. Neither Jon nor I have tikis on our Hawaiian shirts, so once again B. and Phreddie are Wednesday’s fashion elite. Here they are:

Tiki Hawaiian shirt

Now the reason for Tiki-specific Hawaiian Shirt Day (every Wed @ ARC) is a tid-bit discovered in the pile of magazines donated by Lois Weiss (see yesterdays blog). There in the back of The American Girl, from 1964, was this ad…

tiki advertisement 1960s

Well, we did some checking, and 31 Second Ave, near Bond St., is or has been the home of some famous Tiki-related eateries; the Ice Bar and Lounge, (where to shop for Nordic Tikis), Natchez Restaurant (home of New Orleans style Voodoo Tikis), and Mugsy’s Chow Chow (pizza Tikis).

And just to let you know that we take Tiki seriously, here is a pic of the two most recent adds to the Tiki Altar.

new Tiki altar


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  1. Mad Gringo

    Excellent Tikis. Awesome Hawaiian Shirts.

    If you get a chance, take a peek at “Tiki Road Trip A Guide to Tiki Culture In North America” from James Teitelbaum. Great stuff. Just got my copy.

    Mad Gringo loves tiki.