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It’s A Wrap…

Dear Arcsters,  As you may know I have been 10 days in Roskilde, Denmark, packing up a large donation of recordings to be digitized by the Internet Archive. You can listen to more than 100,000 sides @ Great78Project.

Here’s a picture of the generous donor, Leif, with some of what we started with – about 50,000 78rpm discs.
Here’s the first shipment, 4 pallets, 6,600 disks.  
Here’s the 10 am coffee break tray.
And our great Danish crew – Frederico (Italian living in Finland), Leif (donor), and the Copenhagen National Library crew – Simon, Lars (2 meters high) and Jonas.  Honest, they had most of the Ballantine’s…
Watching B packing up the collection on regional TV on Danish island of Zealand at the dinner table last evening. 
No more cold garages for me!   Back now and will sleep off the holidays.

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