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It’s In the Bag

Today another six boxes of recordings arrived, by surprise I might add, with the latest installment of the massive Richard Zirinsky Collection. Sure there were the usual 10 Paul Weller box sets, more than 250 music DVDs and dozens of Jamaican singles.  But the real treat was this paper singles record bag from Kingston, Jamaica.  Such fun.   

It’s not on the bag, but the location was 11 Tropical Plaza Kingston 10.  Pretty close to today’s Bob Marley Museum.  But here’s the standout single from inside the bag, “Yes Daddy” by Peter Metro and Jackie Statement.  It’s almost a duet, and pretty funny, with Jackie repeatedly answering her father’s persistent inquiry, “Jackie, Ya pregnant, pregnant?”  A dancehall Power House release from 1987.

Sorry to say we need this single for our collection, but there are STILL plenty of great items at our Holiday Sale, going on now until Dec 22, everyday 11 – 6.  Support all that we do and remember, the ONLY thing anyone needs under that tree is music!


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