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It’s really nice and sunny here…

As you may know the ARC is working closely with our new partner, The Internet Archive in San Francisco.  I’m hangin’ out West Coast Style, and learning more about them and all the great things they do.  (Not to mention today’s lunch of an Ultragoliath Chicken Waffle Sandwich @ Hot Sauce and Panko.)

Meanwhile back on the East Coast, Cheyenne Hohman, in her work with WFMU and the Free Music Archive, has published an audio interview with me.  You can have a listen from a variety of streams – WFMU,  Audioboom,  PRX and iTunes – as well as read the blog at the Free Music Archive.


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  1. Jackie Jay

    Thanks for showing us the ropes on how to process a large LP donation, no matter what condition is it in.
    –Jackie Jay, volunteer at the Internet Archive, and aspiring archivist