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J&L Berkman Collection – part 1

Well, it’s been a a while since our last post – but we’ve been busy.  And before we tell you about the 50,000 CDs we’re getting, here’s a bit about a sweet collection of more than 8,000 near mint or sealed LPs coming our way. The above quick snap is just some of the Nina Simon albums in this collection.  Yes, there’s lots of pop, rock, Latin and world here, but the bulk is mostly folk and traditional music from the 60s and 70s, from home and abroad.

Who can argue with Saffron Summerfield’s LPs on her obscure British Mother Earth Records, or 40+ June Tabor LPs, or every (or most, maybe?) Lindisfarne album.  It’s a treasure trove we’re happy to preserve, despite the belabored haul from the 3d floor attic, down two twisty stairwells.  So this is a quick note, after the long drive back from northern Mass.  A big thanks to the generous donors, Joyce and Lenny.  We’ll be back for more treasures next week and posting all the info on this Named Special Collection soon.

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