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Kioku / Happy Fun Smile

My friend Wynn Yamami leads a great experimental music group called “Kioku” (Japanese for “memory”), and they’re going on a west coast tour this summer. You can go to their myspace page to hear what they sound like, but if you’d rather see them in action (and who wouldn’t?) look no further. Here they are playing a piece called “Binalig”:


The group’s a trio and includes another friend, Christopher Ariza (live electronics, also a fine composer) as well as Ali Sakkal (saxophones, percussion). You can learn more about the group (and learn about their tour dates) by clicking over to the Kioku homepage. If you’re a fan of experimental music and live in California, you have to go check them out.

Lest we think that Wynn is all about being serious at the expense of fun, he’s also the leader of a group called “Happy Fun Smile” that “performs an eclectic mix of Okinawan pop, electric folk songs (ultraminyo), supersweet ballads (enka), festival rhythms and obon beats.” I’d be remiss if I didn’t say he’s joined in this endeavor by several friends, including Ryan Dorin, Billtron and MBQ who help make the group great. They’re something to hear – really, really fun – so you must check them out as well. Here’s a taste:


HFS also has a homepage. Go there NOW.


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