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Look Away, Look Away…

Today critic David Hinkley dropped off his twice-a- year carload of donated goodies. As usual hundreds of LPs, CDs, books and swag in great condition. This year he outdid himself by donating these two rare 45s.

The almost cleverly named Hatenanny Records (OK subBoomers, it’s a play on ‘Hootenanny,’ minus a syllable, a 60s gathering of folks to sing folksongs) was the label of the American Nazi Party. These folks are still around, but these discs date back to 1964, produced to create awareness and raise funds in the early days of this White nationalist movement.

Singin’ racism was the brainchild of Party founder George Lincoln Rockwell, who changed his name to distance himself from his Greek-born parents, hated all immigrants and African Americans, and sings with a hillbilly twang. Almost nothing is known about labelmates Odis Cochran and The Three Biggots. Online information both champions and decries these recordings – some sites taken down, while others will sell you an MP3. When David bought these by mail in the 60s it prompted a visit from the FBI.

There are rumors of many Hatenanny releases, but we’ve only seen info and images of these two. There is also a picture sleeve of “Ship Those…Back” that we hope someone out there will donate one day. Odd to be delighted to have these 45s, but archives preserve, offering insight into what happened, no matter how odious.

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