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Love’s Labour’s Lost

Well it’s Labor Day in America, and that means nobody’s workin’ – certainly not here in Tribeca where they have closed down their forges and bare breasted washerwomen have turned off their bear-headed spigots. Well at least that’s the impression I get from these placards on the nearby Labor Building. Nary a barge to lift or a bale to tote in these here parts.


But as Liquid Liquid rightly points out, “Dig We Must” and ARC is workin’ totein’ and liftin’ getting ready for the fall and a new wave of projects headin’ our way. Like talks in Paris and London, a big party and new storage facility out in San Francisco with our new partners the Internet Archive, some massive digitization projects, a China trip or two and doin’ prep work for Cuba Music Week next May. So have a nice lil’ vacation, see you after Labor Day, keep us in mind for donations, volunteer if you’ve a mind, and check back soon for news and updates!

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