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Magic Mitts of India

The IASA Confab is winding down and one thing about the presenters of papers from small archives in India is – they all sing.  So I’m asking that in the future, when an American presents at one of these shindigs, they MUST sing a song. Now if you use powerpoint, two songs and a little dance.

Evening ended with a wonderful talk and performance by Rajasthani Musicians Chanan Khan and Khete Khan.   Chanan is on the kamayacha (bowed fiddle of the Manganiars) and Khete with the vibrating hands.  Those magic mitts hold a pair of khartaal – clicking wooden castanets that have started to replace the drum as the performer can do a lot more shtick with the sticks.

Then a short walk to catch the end of a sitar performance at the ICH, and multiplex of a place.  My guess is the performer was Ustad Mahmud Mirza.  The ICH had these deep pile plush overstuffed Teddy Bear seats – perfect for the end of the day.

Last stop was the  touristy American Diner, also in the complex, and enjoyed a to-die-for Lamb burger and spicy fries.