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Merry Everything!

Here’s a disc from out of the ARC vaults, that somehow reflects the the times we live in or maybe a long forgotten past. Now we are not political, nor religious, but I can tell you one thing – THIS RECORD SMELLS!

Yes, one of the great ideas of all time – a needle that releases a pine freshener fragrance as it cuts into the groove along with a wimpy version of old saws.  A scratch-and-sniff on one side of the groove, music on the other.  Smelleo VS Stereo – that’s the Aroma Disc challenge.  We do believe the Holiday season needs some air-freshener now-and-then, and hope that many more record companies, in this age of 180 gram vinyl, take up this challenge and release a whole lot of new, fresh, smelly records.  Uh, that doesn’t sound right.  I mean geeze, this is a swell idea, and I hope you’re as happy as I am that the  ARC saves everything!

So PLEASE don’t forget us as we approach the end of the year giving season.  Join the ARC.  Make a donation.  Rents are up, collections are coming in at a staggering rate, and every penny counts as we do our best to save every record – including the smelly ones – ever made.   Thanks!

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  1. B. George

    Ah yes – thanks for the list of COVERS. We know many of those and nothing beats the acrid Akron one of rummer tire smell – a smell I once experienced when sleeping out at the abandoned octagonal Timkin Roller Bearing factory in Akron, Ohio in the 1960s… Anyone know of other recordings where the grooves contain a fragrance?