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More Osteo-Musicology


To prove there’s nothing new under the sun, witness the Bone Fone.

A classic white elephant of the ‘Seventies, you could usually find one in anyone’s basement next to the yogurt maker and the wood burning kit, waiting patiently for the next yard sale. The principle is the same as your Tooth Tunes; vibrations are sent through your collarbones “all the way into the sensitive bones of your inner ear,” eliminating the need for clunky headphones. Perfect for that hot new fitness craze sweeping the nation – jogging!


  1. vonoomph

    So why am I yet to see this alongside The First Family LPs and “The Friday the Rabbi Slept Late?”

  2. Mark Henderson

    My aunt had one of these.
    No lie.
    The experience was amazing, you could crank it loud and no one else could really hear it.
    Sadly, it succumbed to the yard sale, and most likely the landfill.