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National Day of Slayer

Lest we forget, today is the one year anniversary (06-06-07) of the National Day of Slayer (6-6-06). My official statement on participation will be by forcing Jon and Phreddie to listen to South of Heaven here at the ARChive. No, they won’t like it, but them’s the breaks on the National Day of Slayer.

Hey, by the way, do you like metal?  Then check out our New York Black Sabbath Covers Project.  It’s awesome.


  1. jordan worley

    No, “THEY” won’t like it at all… but it is what you must do on National Slayer Day. I don’t have a stereo at work, so i’ve made myself a guitar out of masking tape and a Kerry King spiked armband using paperclips.

  2. jonnymia

    My attempt to inaugurate a National Day of Flo ‘n’ Eddie earlier in the day by playing the Turtles’ “Battle of the Bands” album didn’t catch on as I’d hoped. Oh, well. But it was great to hear “Surfer Dan” and everybody really dug “Buzzsaw” as I recall.

    Reign in blood, y’all,

    – Jonny

  3. Borchardt

    fuck, no sabia que habia un dia nacional de Slayer, my favorite grupo!!! deberia aver uno para Pantera (6)!!!

  4. esteban666

    que pasakn tos los metaleros es el mejor grupode trash que e escuchado es lo mejor que a existido en esta mierda de mundo

  5. VADER666

    hey gays METAL is my life and SLAYER is little pice of my life!!!SLAYER FOR EVER 666