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This is a pic of the forearm of Johnny Maguire honoring the boys from Sun Studios.  Johnny was a founding member of the Rhode Island based Rockabilly outfit, The Amazing Royal Crowns.  It’s resting on two psych record totes – a matching set for 45s and LPs – that now belong to the ARC.  Johnny runs Colonel’s Collectibles, selling vintage everything and lotsa cool records.

Once again our pal out in Wauwatos, WI and long-time contributor Ed Ward drove into town with a van-and-a-half of wonderful donations. Here’s a few of the 45s that we liked – only the tip of a very cool iceberg, We’ve already honored Ed on our Named Special Collections page.  This batch was a lot less Country and a lot more This-and-That.  You know like 200+ polka 45s , 120 paper records and 447 pieces of sheet music by African-American performers. We’re still counting, but looks like more than 10,000 new things added to ARC by the grace of Ed…



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