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Once upon a time…

Once upon a time there was great wealth, vision, extravagance, pride and really cool ideas floating around in the music world we swam in.  Here is a prime example of what might never come again, and what we are working so hard to preserve.

In 1969, Capitol Records produced 12 albums, each was a sampler of Capitol releases for the current month. There was no information on the cover, only a photo of a hot babe with a “come hither” look to her; except the December release, which featured a cigar tottin’ shirtless Santa in a Hugh Hefneresque pose.

The promo-only LPs were not sold in stores.  Each contained two tracks from six albums featured by Capitol that month for in-store play at a record retailer, with the hopes that shoppers would hear these selections and want to buy the albums from which they were culled.

The real prize, however, is that the covers of all twelve records were actually taken from the same photograph of 11 women and Santa, and when put back together, like a jig-saw puzzle, it reveals Santa and his, eh-hem, helpers in full swinger regalia!

And just in time for Christmas most of these LPs were donated to the ARC.  But only most.  We adapted the photo above to show what we’re missing, and I’m sure our loyal fans out there will one day supply.  Ones we need are grayed out (August, September, October, November).  You can see the full set in all it’s glory at https://www.stonesthrow.com/news/2013/02/capitol-disc-jockey-albums-1969.  It was shot at the Groove Merchants store in San Francisco by Jeff Jank over at Stonesthrow.com.  Thanks guys.

Of course this twelve-inch set is part of ARC’s permanent collection, but many other treasures will be available at our Holiday Record Sale, as we offer tens of thousands of excess LPs, CDs and books that have come our way this year.  So do drop by Dec 5 – 20, everyday 11am to 6pm.  And don’t forget ARC members get first dibbs, great food and drinks at our pre-sale party, Dec 3.

Did I say, “may never come again”?  Well, you can check out a neo-soul mini-homage by Mayer Hawthorne, who issued a 7″ box set, “How Do You Do” on now-defunct Universal Republic Records. (uh, we don’t have this either, hint, hint).

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