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Paper or Plastic?

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Have you checked out the ARChive’s Instagram (username: arcnyc) lately? This month we are highlighting some of the interesting paper and plastic flexi discs in our collection. These are phonograph records pressed into very thin plastic or plastic coated paper. Popular from the 60s through the 80s, they were often used as promotional material because they were lightweight, flexible and cheap to produce. Flexis were used as inserts in magazines, attached to cereal boxes and other product packaging, included as audio supplements in books, and mailed out to fan clubs. Some flexi discs doubled as postcards or greeting cards.

We are posting two flexis every day – one paper and one plastic. Pictured above is a flexi disc by Lou Reed, originally included in Andy Warhol’s Index (Book), Warhol’s 1967 interactive art book, and a novelty record included in a 1963 issue of Mad Magazine. So be sure to check out Instagram, follow us, like our posts, and leave some comments!

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