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More Than A Rumor – A Legend!

Browsing through the Jacobson collection, the name Johnny Legend caught my attention, and the photo of a bearded, wild-eyed lunatic flanked by two lady friends caught my eye.

Given enough time and money, some record collectors develop tastes for types of record covers. Sometimes the music is good, sometimes bad, but in many cases this probably doesn’t matter as long as the cover satisfies the collectors whim. Some people collect colored vinyl, some collect records with cars on the cover, some with sports references, and so on. Mr. Jacobson had a penchant for record covers with women on them – cheesecake shots, nude, etc. “Bitchin’” by Johnny Legend (Dionysus Records, vinyl-disc, LP, ID123367, 1998) is a prime example of this. In the interest of keeping this website SFW, I’ll just tell you that the clothed women on the front cover are clothes-less on the back.

According to the Rockabilly Hall of Fame website, the aptly named Johnny Legend is a singer, an actor, wrestling promoter,  horror archivist and porn producer.  The term singer can be applied loosely, as the music, surprisingly & disappointingly, veers towards the cornier side of rockabilly. Mr. Legend’s performances do not meet expectations, but this is besides the point.

So far we’ve extracted approximately 300-400 albums from the Jacobson collection that fit somewhere in the range of pin-up to cheesecake to nude, and finally, has convinced me that not enough attention has yet been paid to the disco album graphics of the late 70’s to early 80’s. More on this to come, stay tuned.

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