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The ARChive is a deep and wonderful place. As I was sorting through the children’s section for the records I wrote about yesterday, I came across these two gems, both from 1984 and I just had to share. First, we have Break Dancin’ For Fun and Fitness (Atlantic 80187-1)

Break Dancing 1Break Dancing 2Break Dancing 3Break Dancing 4

It’s a gatefold talk-over instructional album that “teaches” people how to break dance, and it has photos of all the moves to back it up. There’s even a primer about learning how to speak the lingo. It features members of the Big Apple Breakers, the Furious Rockers and there to “explain it all” is Rodanne “Rosey Rose” Hoare, “Superstar Choreographer of New York’s famed Roxy Disco.” It’s not exactly the most thrilling record I’ve ever heard – maybe best described as “of its time.” I can only imagine what one of Rosey’s classes in 1984 might have looked like. (Headbands and leg warmers, anyone?)

Second, we have Breakdance (K-Tel NU3360) which promised the “Best Music for Breakdancing,” and invited any and all to “Learn to Moonwalk, Electric Boogie, Footwork, Headspin & Top-Rock.” It is a far hipper album. Side one has some great music on it (incl. “Rockit,” and “Wheels of Steel”) while the B-side – the one with all the instruction – is artfully done and listenable on its own. There’s even a warning to parents and the physically infirm, as well as contact information for the New York City Breakers Fan Club (send c/o Hip Hop International, Inc).

Breakdancing 1Breakdancing 2

1984 was when kids like me growing up outside of New York City would have first become more aware of break dancing, and records like these were part of that early promotional wave. It’s kind of great to come across them again.

BTW, click on the images and you’ll get bigger, better versions. Ones you can actually read!


ps. if you like the records that teach you how to dance, click here for an instructional LP from K-Tel on how to do the Hot Chocolate!


  1. lolo

    hi …………………. i’m a syrian girl and i watch alot of dancing moves and i really really wanna learn how you gays can dance like that so please learn me how and send me these pictures and vidios on my e-mail funky_girl_round@hotmail.com and thank you ………… great words

  2. Hamilton Moraes

    Hi there! Do you have the cover from “Breakdance – You Can Do It!” I t is a part from the LP Breakdance. Thank you.

  3. busty

    hi keep me updated on how to breakdance like hell cos i really need it…. catcha,,,…

  4. cool_ick

    Fred Bowers – 73 Year Old Breakdancer

    Fred Bowers – 73 Year Old Breakdancer – Britains Got Talent 2009 Ep 7
    He was so cool)I’d love a Grandad like that:)

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