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Pour some Shuggie on me


Did a little shopping for my brother-in-law’s birthday at the ARChive sale today.

Is everyone hip to this trip? Shuggie Otis’ Inspiration Information re-issued on vinyl, with bonus tracks, we got a big stack of them, AND THEY ARE TWO DOLLARS APIECE! A slice of pizza costs more. Dave’s a fan of all things Otis: Johnny, Shuggie and I imagine Otis the Drunk, if it comes down to it, so I think he’ll dig it.

No Ivor Biggun at the sale, but who knows, you might find some Thin Lizzy if anyone wants to celebrate PH‘s freedom by jammin’ “Jailbreak” on the stereo.

– Jonny

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  1. arcmusic

    Jon, you inspired me to put AC/DC’s Jailbreak on in the ARC’s main space. And to Paris…because I know you’re reading this…today is your day. Don’t let “them” take it from you.

    All in the name of liberty.