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Punk People Pounce!

For this year’s Holiday Record + CD Sale Fred forced me to sell off some of my extra copies of Punk era singles.  Lots of English stuff, as in the early 80s I was working out of the back room at Rough Trade in London, and well, I picked up a lot of great music.  That’s the Pop Group in the center and the Cure single is on Small Wonder Records.  So tell your friends about our sale, and come by if you’re able.

One idea we’re toying with is selling everything to one person?  There’s about 12,000 CDs, 8,000 good LPs, 4,000 lesser LPs and 12″ singles, 1,000 cassettes, 3,000 music books, AND posters and memorabilia and a whole lotta odds + ends.  $100,000 and it’s yours.  Whataya think?

Not that we don’t love all the great folks that come to our sale, but this would just be so much easier.  And if we pulled this off we could throw a great dance party in the empty space.

All I know is this is the best group of stuff we’ve ever offered.


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