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I bet Avril has never even HEARD of Peaches!

Over on AbsolutePunk they’re doing the vergleichende Musikwissenschaft thing again, this time examining the connections between Avril Lavine’s “I Don’t Have To Try” and “I’m The Kinda” by Peaches.


Oh, when are they gonna leave it alone. The two CLEARLY don’t sound alike! Looks like Avril’s people are going to have be on the phone again with Adler, Stumpf and von Hornbostel – the firm of crack musicologists they surely have on retainer – to get a statement leading to the almost bottom of this.

Yeah, and haters? By the way? Avril’s got a little message for you:

Yeah, so like, whatever.



  1. jonnymia

    Does her mother know she smokes? The Rubinoos never tried to look tough – a firm grasp on reality stopped them I suppose. Didn’t stop them from getting their mugs in all the teenie fan mags just like Little Miss Badfinger – ooo! naughty punker! she’s flippin’ the bird again!

  2. Ted

    Yeah, these wanna-be rebels should look to Peaches for inspiration. She is the real deal–“punk” in the same way that Richard Hell and Jack Grisham (of TSOL) were.

  3. Isa and mikaela

    Hello my name is Isa
    Hello my name is Mikaela
    I love Avril,said Isa
    I love Avril,said Mikaela

  4. amy da hot gal

    avril is fuckin slut!!
    i really hate her…there r more better singers then HER!!
    and she is a freak!


  5. maia

    nama w maia,w cinta bgt sma avriiiiiiiiil
    i love u avril

  6. cat htyms

    Avril is sort of hot…………But stupid…and only sort of hot…but funny.Peaches is cool.