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Silly Summer Record + CD Sale

Join your pals @ ARC for our Summer Record + CD Sale   JUNE 13 – 21 !!!

And NOW, with Virgin closing, ARC is the largest record store in New York!  (at least for the next week).  So come on down and support ARC.

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Admission is free!                  New items daily.               Over 20,000 items for sale

At our ground floor office: 54 White St.
3 short blocks south of Canal, between Broadway & Church in Tribeca.
Take the 1 train to Franklin, or any train to Canal.

CDs are NEW donations from record companies, NOT used, returns or defects!
Mostly pop and rock recordings.  Collectible LPs are priced below book value.
Hundreds of CDs are priced at $1 to $5 each.    Cassettes  are 4 for $1.00
Just released NEW & HOT CDs are $5 – $10.

7” singles  •  many desirable and hard to find   •   Shelves of new music books   •   100s of sealed/unopened LPs   •   African, Reggae & world-music releases   •  Classical LPs 50¢ or LESS  •  laserdiscs  •  videos
For the dis-en-vinyled our Astroturf Yardsale of 50s kitchen stuff and clothing!!!

COCKTAIL PARTY   –   ARChive Members are invited to a cocktail party on
Thursday, JUNE 11  Members shop before the general public.
JOIN / call for details : 212-226-6967    Champagne supplied by the Bubble Lounge

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