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Sleepin’ on the job

As you know we are loading a 26′ van a day for 30 days and quite a few small vans are making deliveries to our new home.  Even Paul Stanley is plain tuckered out! 

And this is what it takes to keep our lovely neighbors from parking illegally…

Hope you are all doing fine.  If you can consider a donation of any amount to keep us in the road (got our first police pull-over yesterday) that would be swell.  We suggest via PAYPAL or even better, our newest supporter, every.orgEvery.org allows donors to make automatic, regular donations every month.  AND it can be set up so there are no fees or deductions – ie, the charity gets 100% of the donation.  Even small donations add up and really help. Do give them a look-see.   Wish us luck and keep in touch.

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