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Some Good Rainy Day News

Some good rainy Day News.  To date we’ve catalogued 5,322 LPs, 8,413 CDs, 2,542 seven-inch 45rpm singles, 1509 ten-inch 78s and 7 flexidiscs as part of the Keith Richards Blues Collection. All-in-all that makes 17,793 Blues discs housed here @ ARC.  Illustrated above, this copy came in recently as part of the John Rockwell Collection.  As we assign a donor’s name to every recording we receive, both Keith and John can feel mighty proud.

The lucky disc is : Peg Leg Sam featuring Louisiana Red.   Going Train Blues  (Blue Labor; USA, BL105, 12″, 33.3, LP, 1975.  Peg Leg Sam, harmonica and vocal; Louisiana Red, guitar on most tracks, vocal on one).  Sealed.  Thanks John!

Not so bluesy, despite the title, today’s mail included this Elvis 45. It will nuzzle next to The Forbes Elvis Presley UK Collection.- about 700 LPs, singles, books and video staring the King. 
Elvis Presley. (Fool / Steamroller Blues (RCA Victor; USA, 74-0910, 7″, 45, 1973)
Sure records are swell, but this Elvis 45 come as part of these plaid babies – all the way from Germany where they were born.  But we’ll take care of them as part of the more than 200 45rpm record totes here at ARC.
So many great Special Collections here.  If you’re passionate, crazy, careful, in love with any genre or artist, and almost went broke trying to prove it, please consider creating a Special Collection @ ARC!

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