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Sometime I Can See Right Through You

Flexidiscs, cardboard cutout records and magazine soundsheet inserts are in the news these days. Recent buzz was on the ARSClist lately, with a link to a nice snippet on NPR. You may have guessed that ARC has a few of these items — about 1,200, including a few of the Beatles Christmas Fan Club releases. Why just yesterday morning we got three early Micky Mouse cardboard discs. Even Big Crosby was big on cardboard discs, starting a company to audio-market this and that. So we thought we’d share some nice ones in our gallery. Enjoy.

By the way this post was made from the Hungry Horse Restaurant, with fab internet and some new-to-me local beers. I’m in  the Cayman Islands, as my delayed flight to Cuba gave me a bit of free time. I’m TRYING to get to Cubadiscos, an annual Cuban Music Industry confab where I will be speaking next week.


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  1. Henry

    That’s B’s own stitched-up flexi right there, folks. If you find one, contact me….