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Sometime I Can See Right Through You

Flexidiscs, cardboard cutout records and magazine soundsheet inserts are in the news these days. Recent buzz was on the ARSClist lately, with a link to a nice snippet on NPR. You may have guessed that ARC has a few of these items — about 1,200, including a few of the Beatles Christmas Fan Club releases. Why just yesterday morning we got three early Micky Mouse cardboard discs. Even Big Crosby was big on cardboard discs, starting a company to audio-market this and that. So we thought we’d share some nice ones in our gallery.¬†Enjoy.

By the way this post was made from the Hungry Horse Restaurant, with fab internet and some new-to-me local beers. I’m in¬† the Cayman Islands, as my delayed flight to Cuba gave me a bit of free time. I’m TRYING to get to Cubadiscos, an annual Cuban Music Industry confab where I will be speaking next week.


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  1. Henry

    That’s B’s own stitched-up flexi right there, folks. If you find one, contact me….