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Speed Demon?

Well the latest polls show that the Pres. has dropped in popular approval from around 45% to 33%.  Politics aside, “Pop”, “33” and “45” sure makes us think about those lil’ spinnin’ things we preserve here at ARC. Well you can’t think of spin without thinking of current events, and you can’t think of speed without a hardcore flashback, so here’s a recent addition to our library at 45rpm by a band that has yet to slow down after 40 years, D.O.A.  There’s a nice animated version of the 85 seconds song and a live version here.

So what right do folks who look like your grandpa and aren’t even Americans have to criticize someone who lost the popular vote?  Well it’s not exactly criticism – just a short, exuberant string of non sequiturs and loud casual observations on a public figure.  And according to the polls, this is a disc supporting the current majority opinion.  Can’t argue with the people.

By the way we purchased this disc – doing our bit to stimulate the economy and move the country forward. They’re Canadian, so we did fail to secure the borders. 

Below a list of the D.O.A. discs here at ARC.  We’ve yet to catalog all our 45s, so there may be more. We would love all of them and welcome donations from all our fans and bands.  Waiting to hear from Joe Shithead Keithley!

• Bloodied But Unbowed: The Damage To Date: 1978-83  (CD Presents; USA, CD 016, 12″, 33.3, LP, 1983).

• Don’t Turn Your Back (On Desperate Times): The John Peel Session  (Alternative Tentacles; UK, Virus 42 / LC 5661, 12″, 45, EP, 1984)

• Fucked Up Donald [Fucked Up Donald/The Cops Shot A Kid//Not Gonna Take Your Crap No More] (Sudden Death; USA, SDR 0114, 7″, 45, S, 2016).  652975011811.  M; Red vinyl; picture sleeve.

• It’s Not Unusual…But It Sure Is Ugly! [It’s Not Unusual/Dead Men Tell No Tales]  (Alternative Tentacles; USA, VIRUS 120, 7″, 45, S, 1993).   M; picture sleeve.

• Let’s Wreck The Party  (Alternative Tentacles; USA, VIRUS 44 , 12″, 33.3, LP, 1985).

• Something Better Change  (Friends; Canada, FR 003, 12″, 33.3, LP, 1980).  Library of Congress stickers on cover.

• True (North) Strong & Free  (Profile; USA, PRO-1228, 12″, 33.3, LP, 1987).  015151122815.  White label promo.

• True (North) Strong & Free  (Profile; USA, PRO-1228, 12″, 33.3, LP, 1987).  015151122815.  

• War on 45  (Alternative Tentacles; USA, Virus 24, 12″, 33.3, LP, 1982). Pink & yellow lettering on cover.

• War on 45  (Alternative Tentacles; USA, Virus 24, 12″, 45, LP, 1982). Orange & yellow lettering on cover.


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