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Spring things

Yes, Spring is here, welcomed with a snowstorm and a few psychedelic tape boxes.  Harder to find than a warm day in New York are these zodiac infused, honest-we’re-a-big-company-but-really-hip, Peter Max – who’s he, tape boxes chock full of musical aspirations and radio leftovers, lovingly recorded on 1/4″ tape on 7″ reels.  At one time in the 1970s, reel-to reel recordings were the high end medium for high end guys.  Vinyl was for schlubs, 8-tracks were for truckers and rich hippies visited India with new-fangled cassettes.  Meanwhile Playboy readers panted over the girls, the pad, and the reel-to-reel placed a little left of the circular bed.  Seduction was whispered words of C-slot threading, balanced performance, azimuth and you’re heads need cleaning.  Ah, those were the days, and here’s a few of more than a hundred recently donated home-recorded tapes.

ampex_541 copy capitol_sound_tape_1 copy capitol_sound_tape_2 copy capitol_sound_tape_6 copycapitol_sound_tape_3 copy 2  capitol_7

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