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A great many remarkable things arrived @ ARC over the weekend. The largest and loveliest is this (46 x 64 in) poster “Philips Stereosonic.”  Produced by the Dutch Philips Company it just glows – what you’d expect from a company that still produces most of the lighting in the world.  By the way Philips also invented the compact cassette and the coding technology allowing them to co-invent the compact disc and DVD with Sony.  Just for fun they created the first recording cassette player giving us the beloved ‘boom box’ or as we like to call it, the Norelco 22RL962 Radiorecorder.  Our poster was lithographed in France, printed by the Elvinger company in 1960.  If only they had waited till 1966 they could have included a boom box on our poster…

This poster has a sweet little friend already in our collection, this pamphlet promising what we all yearn for, “Happiness and comfort in our home.”

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