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Still Grand via the Grande

Grand Funk is getting ready to rock out at Jones Beach Theater (opening for Bob Seger) in Wantagh, New York, on May 30, at 7:30 PM.  In 1968 (?) it would have cost you $3.00 – $3.50 to see the band in Ohio.  But this is NY and tickets range from $87 to $187. Lets just say times have changed.  Here at ARC we do our best to keep track of it all. This is just one of the thousands of posters in our collection, a great many donated by the great Russ Gibb, who ran the Grande Ballroom in Detroit.  ARC saves everything musical.  So help us in our preservation efforts and join our fundraising campaign, Rebuilding the ARC.   ARC is Americas largest + best music library – independent and housing more than 3 million recordings.   Read the latest story about this project in Rolling Stone Magazine!  Here’s a post from the 8SIDED BLOG

See a few of our favorite discs in our film below. 

We’re saving everything –  contribute to our  campaign 

In the past few months we’ve gotten 40,000 CDs from the estate of Richard Zirinsky; 987 CDs from Kurt Carrington; hundreds of LPs from The New School Libraries; 1,127 LPs from Sarah Weingarten; and 5,099 country LPs from the estate of Lloyd Oliver Pierson. We received 6,884 LPs from Sheila Langan and 16,836 CDs from Jeff Daniel. Ira Berger’s Jazz Archive donated so many things, including more than 500 jazz books and magazines and 2,000 oral history tapes. In the pipeline that we need to pick up and make room for are 32,000 LPs from the estate of Saul Nowitz, about 7,000 discs yearning for us in LA , and a great(?) collection of who-knows-what from Indiana University.

That simple goal is to guarantee that the world’s musical heritage is preserved for future generations to study and enjoy.   Visit ARC www.arcmusic.org/

Contribute here and help us reach this goal!

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