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Super Sunday

Just back from looking at one of ARC’s potential new homes, Sunday, back in the office, and found this pushed through the mail slot.  Now we get a great many things donated here at the library, and because we save everything musical, we are blind to quality. But sometime, some things, are so delightful, it makes any old day just plain Super.

Out of the blue, or maybe Hong Kong and/or Belgium. Andrew S Guthrie, who may or may not run Lik Ink Press, sent us these 4 booklets.  The larger one, “The History of My Mediums,” describe the trickle-down hardware from parents and siblings that molded his musical life.  “I Am A 78” is a first disc narrative by one of the first disc formats.  Mr. Guthrie went to concerts, he made mixtapes, he broke 78s, and he made these swell little booklets – ruminations on mediums and music that are simple and charming.

A wonderful gift. Worth preserving. As precious to us as a 30 volume set on Big Band music or a Grad student’s tortured monograph.  Thanks Andrew.

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