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Talkin’ “Craps”

This Thursday ARSC will present a talk on the early recordings of Richard Pryor’s comedy LPs on Laff Records.  Sounds like fun.  Here’s the details for any and all in the NYC area. 

Dan Blazek presents Richard Pryor’s Laff Recordings.  7:00 P. M. Thursday, 2/16/17, At the CUNY Sonic Arts Center, West 140th Street & Convent Avenue, New York, enter at 138th Street off Convent Avenue, Shepard Hall (the Gothic building) – Recital Hall (Room 95, Basement level)

As Mr. Blazek says referencing one of Laff’s best known releases; ” Considered a minor classic, “Craps” ushered in Pryor’s new raw and militant voice.” Should be interesting and may feature, time permitting, Pryor’s appearances on The Ed Sullivan Show provide[ing] additional insight into his early recordings.

As you may know ARC has been an active collector of Comedy recordings and created our Comedy On Record” Special Collection. The collection now numbers 3,400+ catalogued LPs, most digitized and electronically stored at the Internet Archive in San Francisco. We have 11 mint Pryor recordings on Laff @ ARC and we have helped with the CD reissues.  Here’s the list:

  • Are You Serious? (Laff, USA, A 196, 12″, 33.3, LP, 1976).
  • Black Ben The Blacksmith (Laff, USA, A 200, 12″, 33.3, LP, 1978).
  • Craps (After Hours) (Laff, USA, A 146, 12″, 33.3, LP, n.d.). Recorded live at Redd Foxx Club, Hollywood.
  • Down And Dirty (Laff, USA, A 184, 12″, 33.3, LP, 1971). With Redd Foxx.  
  • Meets Richard And Willie And The S.L.A. (Laff, USA, A 188, 12″, 33.3, LP, n.d.).
  • Outrageous (Laff, USA, A 206, 12″, 33.3, LP, 1979).
  • Pryor Goes Foxx Hunting (Laff, USA, A 170, 12″, 33.3, LP, 1973). With Redd Foxx.
  • Reverend Du Rite (Laff, USA, A 216, 12″, 33.3, LP, 1981).
  • Supernigger (Laff, USA, A 224, 12″, 33.3, LP, 1982).
  • Who Me? I’m Not Him (Laff, USA, 198, 12″, 33.3, LP, 1977).
  • Wizard Of Comedy (Laff, USA, A 202, 12″, 33.3, LP, 1978).



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