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The Buddha Box is Back!

Readers will doubtlessly remember B.George’s post a little while back about the Buddha Box. Well, when B.George finally returned from Singapore, a demonstration was in order. Turns out, his box has 18 loops of nirvana-seeking awesomeness. It runs either on three AA batteries or, on an AC adapter, which is made for American outlets, leading me to believe that it was made for the American market and that if I look around the neighborhood I’ll find a store that sells them.

Diana, our faithful volunteer (who has her own blog), remembered the Buddha Box too. She hipped us to FM3, a Beijing-based group that not only knows about the Buddha box, but has customized it and made it the basis for their hustle.

There’s quite a bit online about FM3, including an interview, a little piece on their Buddha Box in the New York Times, and, of course, a MySpace page with sound samples.

This stuff is great. If anyone out there comes other stuff like this, post it in comments. We’d love to know.


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