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The Hard Rock Cafe might have Madonna’s corset, but we have Jeep Holland’s tooth.

I followed the path down the middle of the Arc’s basement: Between the disco singles and the stack of 45s marked ‘???’, avoiding the urge to peer into the ‘totally f#$%^d’ box, and turning right at Brazilian music literature. There it was.

A tower of boxed memorabilia stood before me. Six decades worth of merchandise, promo material, and other oddball ephemera reached to the ceiling. It was all coming to a new home upstairs, and I had have an opportunity to open some of these boxes that had been sealed since the days when sax solos were performed in rock music without irony.

Needless to say, the two-day relocation and repacking was one of the finer tasks in recent months. I mean, who wouldn’t get a kick out of digging through the dark corners of pop history’s marketplace?!

So, for those who’ve always hankered after a Tom Waits piggy bank, Fred Schneider’s Dog Stars biscuits, Beatles talcum powder, Bob Dylan’s dealcoholized wine, or a Peaches & Herb scented candle… we hope you’re suitably jealous.

Got a drawer full of Adam Ant jello? Or a garage packed with Rick Astley statues? Don’t let them go to waste! The archive is always interested in fabulous memorabilia donations.

Volunteer, Henry Bainbridge

B. adds: By the way, Jeep Holland was the founder of A-squared Records, fabled home of the MC5. We have his collection, and while we have yet to check everything, at least one body part…

The need for excavating all this swag and clearing up some much-needed space is the arrival of 70,000 singles later this week.

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