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The New Year is a Piece of Cake?

Well no.  Not exactly.  We have no idea how the hastily passed and completely unvetted new Tax laws will affect donations to ARC.  Funding may diminish, donations of materials may drop off.  We have faith, crossed-fingers and and a few tricks up our sleeve to insure the New Year brings a furry of new donors and our efforts of preservation continue to be supported.

We’ll be posting our usual ’roundup’ of what happened in 2017 soon, but for now here’s a few things we’re up to.  Like our continued collection and posting of 78rpm recordings with our partners The Internet Archive.  We’ve collected more than 250,000, we’re digitizing them all, and you can listen to more than 62,000 here.  We’re also really excited about the 78s we’re collecting in Denmark!  Or maybe we’re happy with the ongoing digitization of our CDs – we’ve digitized 70,000 of them to date.  I know we’re excited about all our new Board members and all that we can accomplish this year.

So we’re looking forward to 2018 and hope a donor drops off a Beatles 78rpm disc released in India, that our digitization of our Fanzine collection gets a kickstart, and that mint condition blues and punk 45s come flooding in.  Hope all your dreams come true too!

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