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The NY Black Sabbath Covers Project

One day as I was developing the New York Music Index and Archive (the project I mentioned in last week’s “Metallica” post where we’re cataloging and making freely available information about all aspects of the music industry in New York State), I happened to come across the MySpace pages of two different New York bands that cover Black Sabbath’s “Fairies Wear Boots.”  The versions were great and reminded me that the first band I ever heard covering Sabbath in fact came from New York–it was Anthrax, who in 1987 recorded Sabbath Bloody Sabbath.  Turns out I love Sabbath covers (even the Cardigans doing Sabbath has its charm), so I decided I’d start keeping track of the bands I’d find that are based in or do business in New York state.  I’ve stumbled across several, now, and I present my findings to you in the form of a Google Map:

[googlemaps http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?hl=en&ie=UTF8&s=AARTsJqm4vPr6WUCuAn84QWRkPJQW76XIg&msa=0&msid=102145280526686976209.000457807db28085d741d&ll=42.843751,-76.091309&spn=4.832975,6.591797&z=6&output=embed&w=300&h=300]

There are 23 currently on the map (look for updated counts and a master list in the comments) but surely there are more.   Where are the bands that play Sabbath in the 7-1-6?  Wha ’bout in the 6-0-7?  Erie, Cattaraugus and Allegany counties, represent?  How about you folks in Binghamton?  And the good people up in St. Lawrence, Franklin and/or Clinton?  Finally, what about YOU Cortland, New York?  Have you forgotten your own local-boy-made-good Ronnie James Dio?  Until I find a band from Cortland that does Sabbath tunes, consider yourselves all on notice.

Now, I’ve included a Dio entry in Cortland on the map for ceremonial purposes, but what I’m really saying is that we need better coverage.  Because I can only do so much from my seat here at the ARChive, I invite you, dear readers, to assist me in my goal of mapping every single band in and around New York that covers Black Sabbath.  The criteria is simple: does the band play a song that Black Sabbath recorded (any song, from any era, in any style)?  If yes, they go on the map.  If no, they don’t.  Links are great.  Links with sound samples are even better ’cause I’ll love hearing them and it’ll let me know WHICH Sabbath tunes are getting played.

You can post your additions in the comments.  I’ll add them to the map as they come.


  1. Daniel Neely

    Band count: 42

    The New York bands already in the map include: Iron Cobra (Middletown), Wicked World (Brooklyn), Rat Sabbath (Massapequa), Rat Salad (Brooklyn), Shovel Head (Syracuse), Catbox (New Paltz), Strange Addiction (Lake View), Pissed at Ringo (Amsterdam), Ralph Renna’s Trailer Park Moonlight (Troy), The Ward (Whitesboro), Alex Skolnick Trio (Brooklyn), The Baldies (The Bronx), NUMM (Rochester), E5150 (The Bronx), Black Bloody Black (New Hyde Park), Rocket Engine (New York City), The End (Albany), Panic Chamber (Troy). I’ve also included the following out of state bands that exist along the New York border and that seem to come to New York for gigs and what not. These bands include Earth (New Haven, CT), Bit of Finger (Shelton, Ansonia, Westport and Southington, CT), Hole in the Sky (Northern / Central NJ) and Sabbra Cadabra (Clark, NJ).

    Added 9/24/08: Nomad (Brooklyn), No More Tears (Staten Island)
    Added 9/29/08: Rebourne (Hillsborough, NJ), Bonedaddy (Watchung, NJ) (Thanks Nikki from Hole in the Sky for these two), Black Reign (Jackson, NJ)
    Added 9/30/08: Lord of This World (Long Island, NY) (Thanks Kerry from John Wilkes Booth!)
    Added 10/1/08: Borgo Pass (Baldwin, NY) (Thanks Kerry from John Wilkes Booth for the heads up and Tommy from Borgo Pass for stepping up!)
    Added 10/7/08: Last Call (Poughkeepsie, NY), Dead Serious (Wynantskill, NY), Wicked World (Bronx, NY), 3 Legged Rabbit (East Brunswick, NJ), Brothers of Different Mothers Band (Middlesex, NJ), Black Country Beatnix (Selden, NY), War Pigs (New London County, CT)
    10/10/08: Dirty Covers (Kings Park, NY)
    10/16/2008: Random Child (thanks Ian!), Repression (thanks Repression guys!)
    11/19/2008: Livevil (New York, NY)
    11/20/2008: Red Bazooka (Staten Island, NY)

  2. Ralph Renna

    thanks for recognizing.. I dont do this forMoney & I dont make money off Sab-songs …I just played it and recorded it becasue I love it!
    With out black sabbath there would be no metal!
    thanks again

  3. Ian Cory

    Hey, I’m the singer in a band called Random Child. We never recorded it, but we do occasionally cover Children of the Grave. We also considered but never got around to covering A National Acrobat. You can hear some of our music at http://www.myspace.com/musicaltorture

    We are from Brooklyn.

  4. A J Lauro

    For the most impeccable versions of Black Sabbath tunes look no further than WICKED WORLD (Brooklyn). We’ve been together since 2001 and still going strong. We recently played at Dingbatz with DIMEBAG and our good friends KILL EM ALL (the best Metallica tribute I’ve ever seen). It was a great night for everyone!

    Check out our myspace page: http://www.myspace.com/wickedworldexperience. We will be updating it soon with the newest live versions of the Sabbath / Ozzy tunes you love!

  5. PETROoftheGRAVE


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