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The Shirt Off Our Back?

In our humble efforts to massage, entice and cajole – how about this? Donate $100 and we’ll send you a Rolling Stone Tour tee shirt. The Band’s office sent 1,200 tees recently to help fund our relocation and reopening. Better yet, donate $10,000 and we’ll send you 1,000 Rolling Stone Tee Shirts!

Of course we saved one of each Stones’ Tees for our collection, like the one’s above from the Cuban Tour (in the corner). But that still leaves us 1,000 or so.  Please save us endless wasteful packaging and trips to the post office.  Help us make space for more records.  Take ’em all!  There must be someone out there with a bitcoin burning a hole in their pocket…

Here’s the deal on a $100 donation. Please send a size.  We’ve not gone through them all so we can’t guarantee any particular shirt, nor do we know how many of each there are.  We’ll do our best to make you happy.  Send a psychological profile as guidance.  Lots of shirts from US cities.  We’ve seen Dallas, Columbus, San Diego, Minneapolis, and foreign locals like Singapore, Tokyo, Melbourne (with rugby stitched tongues), Vienna, Mexico, Abu Dhabi, Shanghai, Netherlands, Brisbane, Sydney, New Zealand, Stockholm, Perth, Dusseldorf.  Also shirts from these tours:  “Zip Code (2015),” “In the Desert,” “50 Years,” “14 on Fire” and “Live 2013.”

This isn’t the only clothes crazy donation that’s come in lately. We have one-of-a-kind Greg Shaw Mojo jacket and our autographed Iggy Pop tee. More about those later!  But for now feel free to give us a call, send a donation of any amount, and maybe check your closet for that long-forgotten rockstar outfit you’ve been saving all these years.  Be safe and keep in touch.  Happy (as they can be) Holidays to you and yours!

• Donate  via   https://www.every.org/ARCmusic – a non-profit for non-profits

•Donate via Paypall

• Do your last minute shopping with  Shop @ smile.amazon.com – a portion is donated to ARC!

• Make a donation by mail. Our new address is 135 Old Post Road, Staatsburg, NY, 12580.
We’re on the Hudson and happy to be there… 

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