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We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Badges!

Unable to push through a “Cross Dressing” or edible “Trans-fat” merit badge last fall the Los Angeles Boy Scouts (50,000 strong) have approved the “Respect Copyrights” patch, sponsored by the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America).

Antenna up about exactly what sponsorship means, especially as scouts are encouraged to mount MPAA software Parent File Scan on their home machine to detect downloads, legal and otherwise. The guide to earning this badge proffers: “There are peer to peer groups who offer legal downloads and those who offer illegal downloads. Make a list of both. Suggest ways to detect peer to peer software like the MPAA Parent File Scan.”

We have e-mailed the scouts to ask how many surveillance forays have been mounted and badgewinners there are, and will duly report. At least the Girl Scouts mean cookies when they say cookies, and promoted domestic tranquility recently when they made Dolly Parton an honorary scout for life! Sadly, Boy Scouts threatened to counter with a “Hooters” badge.

7″ Songscape:

“Boy Scout Troop” by Judy Thomas. (ABC, seven inch 45rpm, 10990,1967)
“I’m Girl Scoutin,’” by The Intruders, (GAMBLE seven inch 45rpm, 4009, 1970)
“My Lover Is A Boy Scout,” by The Charmettes.  (MALA, seven inch 45rpm, 491, 1964)

Then there’s the comedy riff seven-incher – “The Boy Scout” by the unfunny Allen and Rossi (MERCURY, 72378, 1965)

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