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We Get By With A Little Help From Our Friends

As you can see I’ve drawn a few friends together for the Holidays. Since then they’ve been bugging me to remind everyone it’s Giving Tuesday. Sure it’s a sketchy holiday. Not very colorful. But it’s a nice way to remind everyone about what we do.

ARC saves records from the ravages of time. We collect, preserve, catalog, clean, sort, ponder, research and digitize. We collect everything. Maybe for no other reason than proving critics wrong 100 years from now. But mostly because we love music. All kinds from everywhere. Give us a hand as we move on to our next stage, sharing.

You may have guessed there’s a coloring book in our future. Lots of books in fact.  And a touring exhibition of photographs by women, about music.  A show of LA flyers coming up, and maybe one of discs from outer space. Next month we’ll launch our first Capital Campaign to create a Center for everyone to visit.

So chip in if you can.

We suggest this link every.org/arcmusic to donate.

You can always just call and say hi…

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