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We Love Joe.

As B., Phreddie, Jon and I turned the corner of White Street on the way to work this morning, we noticed Joe Torre sitting on our stoop. Just sitting there, waiting. When we got close, he stood up, stretched out his hand and sheepishly said “hey guys…guess you musta heard about the game last night. Tough series…tough series…. Guys, I know you’re always looking for extra help, so I’m here to lend a hand.” Turned out, he was out on the stoop all night – didn’t go home, or change, or NOTHIN’. Anyhow, we LOVE interns so put him to work alphabetizing Adam Goldstone’s 12″ records.


Joe’s an amazing intern. He handles the personalities around the ARChive real well by keeping the place loose and tension free. He even helped us replace a few of the long florescent lightbulbs. And, he brought a refreshing new musical perspective! After listening to a few hours of old-fashioned ballpark organ (his favorite), we tried (in vain) to find a recording of Man of La Mancha that featured Suzyn Waldman. Instead, we spent a bunch of time listening to talking baseball cards, like this one:


If you’re interested, we’ll have several of these talking baseball cards at our next sale which will begin on DECEMBER 8th. If you want to be like Joe, why not think about volunteering? We can always use the help.

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