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We’re on the Right Track!

The weather is yo-yo-ing, no one has any idea where the government’s going, but the ARC is the Wendy Hiller of archives (Look her up. Hint : 1945).  Yep, on the good foot and the right track.  And here’s a few 8-tracks players to illustrate! 

We are in an incredible growth period these days.  The first batch of 5,000 seventy-eights have arrived from Denmark, even more 78s from the New School, 40,000 CDs and 1200 LPs from the Zirinsky family, George White’s family dropped off 800+ Duke Ellington and Ellington-related LPs, and we shipped off 30,000 CDs donated by Chris Roberts to be digitized. 

So people get ready for our first podcasts in March, a flood of rare LP instagram posts and other MASSIVE news.  All for you.  And us?  We’ve might happy that Fred Schneider generously donated those groovy portable 8-track players and helped us get up on the right track. 

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