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Wha Happened? A Few ARC 2020 favorites…

Happy New year. But as Fred sez, it doesn’t really start ‘til Jan 20!   That said, we’re busy working on our end-of-the-year Record Roundup. Still waiting for a few more things to come in. BTW as of Jan 1 there have been 186,831 separate donations since 1985 to ARC! So very many great things generously given last year- here’s a few standouts.

“The Joyce Cooper-Craig Gospel Music Collection” is 700 LPs donated by the family of the renowned Detroit based singer, historian and broadcaster.

A block letter autographed sweat from Iggy, donated by Nancy Breslow.

Stored in the mysterious Fortress, unopened for 26 years, this is a collection of more than 400 UK Elvis Presley recordings and books, “The Forbes Collection.”

Suzy Shaw donated the “Mojo” jacket worn by Bomp magazine founder and visionary music man, Greg Shaw.

A remarkabke electronic, experimental and jazz music collection, “The Edgard Varèse & Chou Wen-Chung Collection” was donated by the Chou family.  

Not quite a product donation, but the outcome was amazing. A donor auctioned Rammellzee vs K-Rob’s “Beat Bop” 12,” sealed, with the Jean Michel Basquiat designed sleeve (we already had a copy).  It fetched $126,000.00 and Cory Robbins donated all the earnings to ARC.

Rolling Stones’ office sent over 1,200 tour tee shirts. I can only wear 23 at a time, so you can get one with a $100 donation to ARC.

All of these wonderful donations will have more detailed posts later in 2021.  But for now, Happy New Year!

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