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What’s On at the ARChive?

Today, Bryan picked out this record by The Baroques for us to listen to. He tells me it’s quite valuable and has always been curious about what it sounds like:


Chess Records 1967 psychedelia madness. You know, there might be nothing more haunting than a prop baby doll without eyes. Yes, the music’s groovy (really, really, really groovy – “Bicycle” is my favorite song so far, but there’s just something about “Musical Tribute to the Oscar Meyer Weiner Wagon” that really tugs at the heartstrings), but my favorite part is how earnest the liner notes are. Perhaps bandleader Jay Borkenhagen said it best: “To write with meaning is meaningless and meaninglessness is most meaningfull [sic]; if nothing more than social comment. Soon everything is trite and the deep meaning of our songs is found above the water’s surface.”

Words to live by?

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