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What We Do

This is what we do.  We go around the world, meet amazing people, and save the things they love. 

Here’s a bedroom in Carmel CA.  Eccentric, essential, exceptional.  We pack things up, we clean them, we catalog them.  Our only mission is to preserve the music.  We’ve been doing it for 35 years now. 

To do this we need you.  It’s that time of year.  If you can donate it would really help.  In six months we are leaving lower Manhattan in search of a new home. Hey, we have to order 20,000 boxes! 

Lend a hand.  Send a donation. You can contribute via PalPal or by mail.    Happy Holidays!   Keep in touch.  

AND – This in the St. Nick of time!  ARC’s FIRST Podcast.  B’s talks with ex-Def Jam publicist and contributor of more than 5,000 Christmas records to our library, Bill Adler.  It’s all about his history in the music business and some of his favorite Holiday tunes.  

More episodes in Jan.  If nothing else, the first tune Billy plays is Killer!  Please post, promote EVERYWHERE.

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